Macarthur BMX History

Our Club Is Our Family

Macarthur BMX Club, was formed in early 1998 by a group of enthusiastic parents, who may have may have been a little short in experience but were certainly not in commitment, to bring the sport of BMX racing to the Macarthur Region.

Since the opening of its track, the Club membership has increased to over 300 members with riders representing the club at local, state, National and International level.

Serving Our BMX Community Since 1998

The Club had no facilities, no track and no funds, but what it lacked in assets it made up for in resolve. With the support of Camden Council as well as support from a range of local businesses and three and a half years of hard work, the Club’s new track at Kirkham Park, Elderslie was officially opened, by the Mayor of Camden, on 13 October 2001.

The aim of the Club was, and still is, to develop a track that both encourages its juniors as well as providing a challenge to its more senior riders. By all accounts the Club has achieved just that.

Macarthur BMX