Coaching at Macarthur BMX with Sqorz Training

Sqorz Training is available to all riders being coached at Macarthur BMX.

Subscribe to Sqorz Training

Select this Subscription if you’re in 1 coaching group per week.
Cost: $5 per week

What is Sqorz Training?

Sqorz Training gives riders and coaches access to detailed live training data during coaching sessions. This data includes:

  • Rich interactive training data screen
  • Live data for full and partial laps
  • Counts number of starts per rider
  • Displays times from start, or sector times between timing points

How do I sign up for Sqorz Training?

Signing up for Sqorz Training is easy, in just a few steps you’ll be signed up and ready to go.

  1. Each Rider “subscribes” at a cost of $5 per month (1 Coaching group per week). Sqorz charges the Club $1 per rider per session that uses Sqorz Training and the Club is passing this cost onto the riders that choose to use Sqorz Training. See links above to subscribe.
  2. Once subscribed, your transponder number will be added to the Sqorz session for your coaching group.
  3. Come to coaching with your transponder and you’ll be able to see your detailed training data.