BMX Racing

Who can race?

Anyone with an AusCycling “Racing” licence can race at Macarthur BMX, if you don’t have a licence, head over to the AusCycling website where you can sign for a 4 week free trail licence.

We offer a range of race classes, catering to riders of all ages and abilities, from as young as 2 years old right though to adults with some of our older members who are in their 50’s and 60’s.

  • Mini Wheelers: for riders from as young as 2 who are on a balance bike
  • Sprockets: for riders up to the age of 8 on pedal bikes
  • Junior Novice: aimed kids who can ride a bike but haven’t raced before
  • Various age classes: for example 8 years, 9-10 years, 11-12 years, etc
  • Open Wheel: for our adult riders
  • Kranks: for female adult riders

Where do we race?

Our track is located at Kirkham Oval at the corner of Hilder Street and Camden Valley Way. 

Access to the track is from Hilder Street, opposite Elderslie High School.

When do we race?

We race on average 2 Saturdays per month, for details refer to the race calendar.

Race entry is online only, via the Entry Boss website here:, refer to table below for entry closing times.

Once you arrive at the track, head down to the race sign-on area and “register” using your transponder or licence. Only sprockets and mini wheelers can “register” using their licence, all other riders must “register” using their transponder.

If you don’t “register” at the track we don’t know that you are there and you won’t be included in the race draw, meaning you will miss out on racing.

Series 1 Summer Racing

Series 2 Winter Racing

Series 3 Spring Racing

What happens on race day?

A typical race day starts with a rider “entering” the race, typically this can only be done online.

Once “entered”, a rider arrives at the track and needs to “register”. When a rider “registers” it tells us that the rider is at the track and ready to race (quite often some riders will “enter” the race but can’t make it to the track for 1 reason or another).

Entering a race requires the rider to either scan their licence or transponder. If the rider is a mini wheeler or sprocket they will scan their licence, else they will scan their transponder.

Once registered the rider will have time to ride the track prior to racing, giving them a chance to warm up and practice.

Once racing starts, riders head to the staging area where we call riders forward by age group and then individually by name and/or race number. It’s important that riders are in the “staging” area and listening for their age group and name/race number so they don’t miss their race.

Riders participate in 6 races or “motos” with a break after the 3rd race/moto.